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With over 20 Years of Real Estate Sales and Property management services Blake continues to passionately engage in providing housing for his community!! Blake takes great pride in his work with his residents, property owners, companies and clients he works with. As a property owner himself he understands the importance of having a Realtor or Manager that you can trust with your biggest investment and the place you call home!!! Providing smooth simply Real Estate interactions at all levels is Blakes goal.

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Capital Gains Tax Doubled??
A Bad word may just get even worse! Remember…..Capital Gains for a primary residence are different from those for second homes or rental (income property).
So what is going on with Capital Gains? How does it affect me?
One significant tax change for investors (like yourself) if Bidens tax reform is passed is the proposed change to capital gain tax rates. Currently, long-term capital gains are taxed at preferential rates in comparison to income tax rates.
1031 tax exchange protection terminated?
Our current administration is proposing to eliminate the ability for wealthy taxpayers (assumedly, those with incomes over $400,000) Ha Ha Ha…. to utilize the tax tool known as the Like Kind Exchange, or 1031 transaction.

Don’t be so sure! Keep reading.

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